Talking Seriously About Varicose Veins

Professor Stephen Black and his team from the UK Vein Clinic are presenting a live webinar. Join us for a discussion with the country's top expert on varicose veins and vein disease.


TUESDAY 27th APRIL 2021 | 20:30 BST

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Having vein disease symptoms is more than just a cosmetic problem. Varicose veins are a visual indicator of vein disease at an early stage, and treatment is advised to prevent future, potentially dangerous complications.

Access to the country's top vascular specialists has never been more complicated for patients with vein disease, appointments are reserved almost exclusively for those with advanced symptoms. UK Vein Clinic is out to improve access to treatment and advice. We're giving patients the chance to hear Professor Stephen Black and his team speak about vein disease, as well as ask questions and get responses that are unique to you and your condition.

Professor Black explains why he believes vein disease isn't given enough attention. Treatment in the UK lags behind that of many other developed countries, owing to a lack of patient knowledge of the need for treatment and the NHS's financial resources.

Sanjay Patel and Vanessa Livingstone will join Stephen. Sanjay is a lower limb specialist with expertise in venous and arterial leg ulcers, and Vanessa is a specialist vascular nurse who assists patients from diagnosis to recovery.


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Talking seriously about vein disease
Patient questions

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Who Would Benefit From This Webinar

This webinar is for everyone who is experiencing vein disease symptoms. This is for you if you want to understand more about the disease, what you can do to manage it, and what your treatment options are.

UK Vein Clinic gives you exclusive access to the country's leading experts who deal with the effects of vein disease on a daily basis. Vein disease absorbs 2% of the UK's annual health budget. About 730,000 people in the UK suffer from leg ulcers, with vein disease being a major cause.

If you're someone suffering from vein disease, please feel free to join us and add your own storey to the discussion.

Meet the Experts

Professor Stephen Black
Prof Stephen Black

Stephen has dedicated his life to excellence in venous surgery and was recently appointed as Professor of venous surgery at Kings College London.

Stephen Black is also responsible for training surgeons in the field of vascular medicine (‘vascular’ refers to veins and other blood vessels). A fellow of the European Board of Vascular Surgery, he’s usually based at London’s Guys and St Thomas’s hospital, where he leads the department.

Mr Sanjay Patel
Mr Sanjay Patel

Sanjay graduated from the University of Manchester Medical School in 2001 and trained in Manchester and Nottingham before undertaking a period of research for which he was awarded an MD(Res) by King’s College London.

Sanjay was appointed as Consultant Vascular and Endovascular surgeon at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust in 2014. He is currently the Lower Limb Lead.

Vanessa Livingston
Mrs Vanessa Livingstone

With a background in cardiovascular theatre nursing, Vanessa works at St Thomas’ Hospital as the Venous Clinical Nurse Specialist.

She has an interest in the management of venous disease. This includes contributing to research and running a nurse-led leg ulcer clinic. Vanessa looks forward to each opportunity to help treat varicose veins because she knows fixing what is wrongly considered nonessential can dramatically improve someone’s quality of life.

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